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European Ercoupe Newsletter

No. 15 April 2009


Dear readers,

In the UK we have had our most successful meet-up yet with a record 5 ercoupes! The full story is below, and also why it wasn't 6! Now we are building up numbers hopefully you will also consider flying to the next important meetings - the 3rd European Ercoupe Owners Fly-in, Antwerp May 23-24, and the Air Britain Fly-In, North Weald UK, June 20-21.

Thank you everyone who has contributed to this newsletter.  Please continue to send in letters, articles, photos, anything that might be of interest to others no matter how small.

Happy flying,

Mike Willis G-HARY

Ercoupe news

G-ERCO in the air again

 Rodney Tapp writes: We were persuaded that G-ERCO needed a complete engine overhaul before renewing the certificate of airworthiness.  The engine went off to Southend in August, and due to various unforeseen problems and illness at the workshop, we didn't get it back until December.  Under the new rules, either the crew who did the flight test 3 years ago had to do it this time, or else the CAA would send a test pilot to do it.  Last time it was me who flew it, and a highly qualified friend did the paperwork, but this year he was either ill, or away, or not current (all three, in fact), and after much waiting about, we decided to ask the CAA to do it.  After attempts aborted by the weather, Paul Mulcahy, the CAA's chief test pilot, eventually turned up on Tuesday 24th. March.  He was highly efficient, charming, and best of all loved the Ercoupe, a type that he had never flown before.  We flew together, I took off, then he did some handling, I did the rate of climb, he did the VNE (which I hate doing) and he did the approach and landing.

I was most impressed by his perspicacity and efficiency.  On the ground, he immediately noticed the large ailerons which go up but hardly down at all, the fins which go outwards but not inwards, and those details combined with the unusual ground steering connected to the ailerons I think persuaded him that it would be difficult to fly, so he was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.

All the best, yours, Rodney Tapp

Mode S and Antwerp fly-in

Robert Rombouts writes: I have heard that some of you are concerned about the requirements for flying to Antwerp.  Concerning France and Belgium, Mode A - C is sufficient, you cannot fly in CTR without a transponder but Mode S is not required. ".

Then we had the big rush for the General Aviation (GA) to change the Transponder Mode C to S in March 2008. For the UK it was not necessary, Farmborough Radar could not detect me, London Information I don’t know, and perhaps they are pretending seeing me on the radar.  For the Nederland’s you need it.  In Germany you need it above the 5,000 ft and in CTR’s.  In France you will need mode S in 2010 (perhaps). In Belgium they follow France, and are happy if you have Mode S in the CTR’s of Brussels-Ostend-Antwerp.  Conclusion, why did I change it after all?

But another change, you need an ELT (distress locating beacon) in France, I don't have it and will buy one perhaps next year.  I think you will not find one yet because all the Flying Schools and French guys are buying one. So that’s not a point, keep it quiet.

Tony Smith - New email

Tony Smith writes: It looks as if I'm back on the Planet - though we are still having on-going problems with out Internet connection, so much so that we have an "expert" coming to sort out our phone lines FREE OF CHARGE!!  It’s taken a whole weekend and countless hours on the phone to get this far!

Just to let you know, my new e-mail address is Tony Smith.

New UK ATC services in uncontrolled airspace

Mike Willis writes: Just to confuse everyone in the UK, in March the air traffic services outside of controlled airspace were changed.  Even more confusing, the UK CAAA has admitted that it hasn’t told many pilots outside the UK about this!  So before you embarrass yourselves, you can visit a web site and learn all about it

The new service names and definitions are meant to be easier to understand but I’m not so sure.  I attended a Safety day at Duxford on 11 April, which included a talk by an air traffic controller about it.  He confirmed that the new Basic service is similar to a FIS and the new Traffic service similar to a RIS.  On paper a Basic service does not give you any traffic information, except for your first call.  However in practice he said that if they see a conflict most controllers will tell you!  Interestingly, he said that Farnborough Radar, which covers most of the south-east of England around London, can only handle 5 Traffic services at the same time!  Also interesting, they cannot see and don’t ever expect to see Mode S transponders!

Panshanger airfield threatened by housing

Ercoupe lover Hiam writes: Hello there, as some of you may already know Mariposa Investments are holding public consultation exhibitions to inform local people about the potential of building houses on Panshanger Airfield, which means that we will no longer be able to operate in the future.  It will be a lengthy process and they do not have approval at this stage.  However, we need to campaign early to have our say in the local community

How you can help? Add your signature to this online petition:  Thank you in advance for your support.  Haim and Sue

History Corner

With us, but not flying -


Tony Smith writes: With the news that Derek Tregilgas' Ercoupe G-BZNO is nearing its rebuild to airworthy condition (and as an aside to the requests in "Newsletter" for Ercoupe projects) I thought it would be a good idea to note those aircraft that are extant in the UK but are not airworthy.  There are not many candidates for restoration, however, not even if two or more were used to make up a composite aircraft.

I am not an engineer so the opinions below as to the condition of the aircraft are my own non-informed ones and not to be taken as gospel!

Finally, if anybody could provide any amendments or additions to any of the notes below to enable me to update my files, I would be very grateful.

G-AVTT : Ercoupe 415-D (c/n 4399; ex NC3774H/SE-BFZ)
This was first registered in the UK on 21.8.67 having been a regular visitor to the PFA Rallies as SE-BFZ.  Currently owned by Firmins Horticulture Ltd, Cherry Tree Farm, Monewdon, near  Woodbridge,  Suffolk, the CoA expired 21.8.86 (TT 1847 hours) and it was cancelled on 12.4.02 as temporarily withdrawn from use.  It has been in store at Cherry Tree Farm for a number of years and reported  to be for sale.  When I saw this aircraft several years

ago, it looked to be in reasonable condition but I don't know if it has been affected by corrosion as have others of the species!

G-ARHF :  Forney F-1A Aircoupe  (c/n 5737)
Registered in the UK on 25.6.61 the current owner is Christopher G.H.Gurney (trustee of Disabled Flying Group) of Northrepps, near Cromer, Norfolk. The CoA expired 10.5.94 and it was cancelled by the CAA on 10.11.95.  The wings are reported to be suffering from corrosion.  The aircraft is stored  dismantled  at an unknown location supposedly near Dereham Railway Station, Norfolk.

N3188H : Ercoupe 415-C (c/n 3813)
Imported  by  Jim Spanton in 1997 and rebuilt at Maypole Farm, Kent.  Crashed at Maypole and written off circa 7.92 with five hours on the book after rebuild!  It was used as spares and after a spell as a garden plaything it went to the AeroVenture Museum at Doncaster where the stripped out fuselage is displayed hanging from the roof.

N93938 : Ercoupe 415-C (c/n 1261)
Imported by Merkado Holdings Inc, Panshanger in January 2001 and for rebuild.  Noted in open store on airfield and looked to be in poor condition by 18.7.02.  The proposed rebuild was reported as having been abandoned owing to corrosion.

There is one more non-airworthy Aircoupe in the UK; that is Alon A-2  N6620W c/n A-110 which was imported 20.10.07 and roaded to Plymouth  Airport.  The current status of this aircraft is not known.


G-ARHD : Forney F-1A Aircoupe (c/n 5735)
Registered in the UK on 22.2.61, this was one of the aircraft imported by Thurston Engineering Ltd at Stapleford.  On a local flight from Eglington, Northern Ireland, on 25.11.73, the aircraft was caught in a snowstorm and forced-landed about ten miles south of Eglington near the summit of Learmont Mountain.  The engine was recovered but the airframe abandoned.  It was recently re-discovered laying where it crashed.  The location is apparently very difficult to access on foot,  so if anybody would like to mount an aerial expedition to find this wreck, I'll volunteer to take the photographs!

EI-AUT : Forney F-1A (c/n 5731; ex D-EBSA/G-ARXS)
Registered in Ireland as EI-AUT on 21.12.70 to Joyce Aviation Ltd.  CoA expired 30.7.76 and withdrawn from use.  Current owners are N.Glass and A.Richardson of  Bann Foot, Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland.  In 1991 it was reported as being dismantled and in store awaiting rebuild.  Last noted still in store in 2001.


EI-CGG : Ercoupe 415-C (c/n 3147; ex N2522H)
Currently registered to the Irish Ercoupe Group but the CoA expired many years ago, it was withdrawn from use and put out to grass  at Weston Aerodrome, near Dublin.  When last seen by me in 2007, it was engineless and very derelict.  This is a particular shame for this aircraft was once owned by J.Allen of Alon Inc and then by David Kenny of Kenny Engineering (Ercoupe wheel spats/nose bowls and other customised modifications) and won many awards at OshKosh.  It is reported still to be for sale but my opinion is that it is too far gone for restoration.

Trip reports

EMU Great Oakley, April 5th

Mike writes: Although this Ercoupe meet-up had to be moved from Saturday to Sunday, this turned out to be a great event and maybe a historic one too!  For the first time that anyone can remember we had 5 Ercoupes on the ground together.  Tony Smithm, who has been tracking Ercoupe activity for decades and seems to know about every flying and extinct Ercoupe that has ever landed in the UK was sure that 5 was a record.  It should have been 6, but poor Robert spent the weekend sitting in OO_PUS on the ground at Ostend looking at the fog!  See his story below.

The occasion was the idea of Derek Tregilgas, who supposedly has an Ercoupe that is being restored, and is rumoured to be sitting on the ground at Coventry awaiting some paperwork.  Great Oakley is where one day his mythical Ercoupe is going to be based when finally airworthy.  It is also where Derek and his brother John are restoring a pair of Percival Proctors. 

Great Oakley is a private airfield established in 1992 by its present owner Tim Spurge.  The facilities put many other airfields to shame, with a comfortable clubhouse and bar, clean toilets, and fresh eggs to purchase and take away – Tim says to test your landings!  In two large hangars are many residents, including a Harvard and a Beech Staggerwing.

I was the first to arrive at 11:20, closely followed by Rodney and Mary Tapp in G-ERCO.  This was their first long flight for a long time following an engine overhaul.  It was great to see them and G-EERCO and I hope they will join us again throughout the EMU season.

Already on the ground ready to greet us was a large welcoming committee including Derek with his wife, daughter and extended family.  Derek had already worked out the best place for us to park for the inevitable photos!  Also there was Tony Smith and wife Ann who drove all the way from Lincolnshire, plus vintage aviation enthusiast Leslie Miller who lives nearby.  Keith Peacock was next in, having made the shortest flight from Earls Colne, a distance of 18 nm.  Next was Mark Gerrard from Goodwood, who had the longest flight of the day, and finally Andrew Gardner to make the record five Ercoupes!

While some of those present could barely contain the excitement of the occasion, Derek and his wife Ann prepared a lovely barbeque for us, with burgers, suasages and salads for everyone.  He even teased us flyers by drinking beer the whole day!  The food was great, many thanks to you both.

Next came a tour of the restoration of the Percivals.  It is truly remarkable what John is doing to rebuild these beautiful aircraft.  Leslie Milller, who worked at Percival’s on airframes, is helping to guide them as consultant.  In fact he helped to build one of the Proctors, and then watch it crash as it took off on its delivery flight!  He recently tried to track down the lady who crashed it to tell her it was being rebuilt yet again, but sadly she died 3 years ago.

There is a tremendous amount of work still to be done, but the pace of John’s restoration seems to be quicker than brother Derek’s so we may see the Proctors flying again soon!

Then Derek got airfield owner Tim to get the cherry picker tractor out.  This enabled us two at a time to be lifted up 10 m into the air for some fantastic photos.

During the day I had been in regular contact with Robert in Ostend by SMS, telling him what he was missing.  Everyone missed him being there on such a lovely day, particularly as without his initiative of a few years ago to get us Ercoupe owners together it would never have happened.

Just before we departed for home we all agreed we had to make this special EMU an annual event.  Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you to our hosts for the wonderful hospitality. You can find many more photos on my web site at:

Mike G-HARY PS My eggs made it home intact!

Great Oakley was a Dream

Robert Rombouts writes: The second Ercoupe Meeting-Up this year, organized by our UK Wing Leader, Mike Willis, was scheduled for Saturday April 4, on the private airstrip of Great Oakley (near Harwich in Essex).

A huge number of six Ercoupes - Aircoupes is expecting, and confirm they will all come.  Andrew Gardner G-ARHC, Keith Peacock G-ARHB, Mark Gerrard G-COUP, Mike Willis G-HARY, Rodney and Mary Tapp G-ERCO and Robert Rombouts OO-PUS.

Because I always prefer to arrive one day before, I intend to fly on Friday the 3rd.  To play save, I made two route planning’s.  The first, if I will have good visibility, straight from the VOR KOK to Konan (mid Channel) to VOR DVR (Dover).  I will fly 48 minutes above the water.  The second, via Calais (France), which is the small, jump over the Channel, 26 minutes over water.  In any case, I prefer seeing one of the two coasts during my ferry, I feel safer.

Because Great Oakley is a private airstrip, I was not sure if I had to land on a custom airfield.  I found that, coming from an EU country you do not need customs, if you have no goods to declare; only I have to mention on the FlightPlan my full identity.  The total flight time will be 1hr 42 (short) – 1hr 57(long) with no wind correction.

OO-PUS was ready, VFR maps 2009, GPS with the two enroute programmed, written data with VOR’s and frequencies, airfield charts, English Pounds, luggage with clean underpants, a B&B by Andy near the airstrip (address received from Tim Spurge), in one word I was ready two days before my take-off day.  Mike kept me up-to-date with all the necessary information about the airstrip, weather, he really takes care about us.

Friday the 3rd; Ostend Meteo at 8:20 am – wind 340/5 kts – 2000mtr visibility – NSC.  Then all day we had in Ostend FOG, 7°C, and a maximum visibility of 2200mtr at 6:20 pm.  By the way, in Antwerp it was CAVOK with 22°C, or full sunshine.  Impossible to think about flying out of Ostend, even I may not with my VFR license.  My hope was, the next day must be better.  Meantime Mike changed the meeting to Sunday the 5th due to the poor weather forecast for East Anglia, ouf, I had one day more and will arrive still one day before the meeting.

Saturday the 4th; without glasses I don’t see details, but I was shocked when I looked out of my windows.  Who changed my windows with matt glass this night?  Unbelievable, you could see the low clouds passing by.  Ostend EBOS - 7:10 am till 5:50 pm: 1400mtr visibility – no wind – 300 till 500 ft clouds.  The best was NSC (No Significant Change). Instead of sitting in the airport, I visit my mother in the home.

Sunday morning the 5th, or last chance and I still hope to fly to Great Oakley.  Very early I was on the computer checking all the meteo websites.  My aviation radio tuned on the ATIS of Ostend gave me also the exact situation.  During those two previous days, Mike gave me all the support possible, informing me with all the details about the beautiful UK weather and the last one with the catastrophic fog layer on the Belgian coast and France.

Ostend – EBOS.

07:40 am – 300mtr visibility – 0 ft clouds – wind 1 kt – QNH 1024
09:20 am – 2500mtr visibility – 200 ft clouds – wind 1 kts – QNH 1024
11:37 am – 1400mtr visibility – 200 ft clouds – wind 3 kts – QNH 1024
1:24 pm – 4000mtr visibility – 800 ft clouds – wind 4 kts – QNH 1025
2:54 pm – 7000mtr visibility – 800 ft clouds – wind 4 kts – QNH 1024
5:32 pm – 500mtr visibility – 100 ft clouds – wind 11 kts – QNH 1022

Manston – EGMH & Lydd –EGMD & Southend – EGMC, all the same:
09:20 am – CAVOK – wind 5 kt – QNH 1024

Be honest, how will you feel, looking at a CAVOK meteo situation in the UK, when you are sitting prepared, as I will go to a North Pole expedition in the FOG, well I feel worst.  Knowing that all the five Ercoupes have arrived in Great Oakley, in the sunshine, with a nice drink and an perfect BBQ, when Robert sits in his car looking at the poor OO-PUS in the fog, with some biscuits, awful, a big shame, disgusting.

Believe me, I will not have the same situation next time, even when I had to fly two weeks in advance, I don’t care, but I will be on the spot.  Mike supports me with all he can do, the only thing he could not do was pushing the fog away of the Belgian coast and the Ostend airport. Thanks Mike for your support.

Dear Mike, Andrew, Keith, Mark, Rodney and Mary, sorry but my heart was with you all.  I missed also Derek, John, Tony and Anne, Leslie and all I intended to see.  One battle lost is not the all war, now looking to the next meeting..

Robert  OO-PUS – Belgium

For sale

Ercoupe for sale

Robert Kessler writes: I am trying to sell my ERCO 415D. As the plane is in Langley, B.C. Canada, I have advertised it in the COPA Magazine (Canadian Owners & Pilots Association). I hope to find a buyer in that region.

However shipping costs are now at a historic low; bringing the Ercoupe to Europe seems to be an option! I'm asking 19,800 Euro for the plane; shipping to Antwerpen is an additional 3,000 Euro.  More Information at .

Thank you and best regards, Robert

Ercoupe trailer for sale

Stefan Vatter writes: Dear Ercoupe Pilots, we are selling our trailer that was especially built for Ercoupe fuselage transportation.  Please look at the pictures.  The restoration of our two Ercoupes is getting to an end now so we are willing to sell it.  Asking price 450.-Euro.  It is also possible to modify the trailer for any other kind of airplane.  If you are interested please contact me at or Heiko under

Best regards Stephan D-EJOR and Heiko D-ENUC

Upcoming events

3rd European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In, Antwerp 23 & 24 May 2009

This year, it is already for the 3rd time we have the Fly-In in Antwerp.  If you need any flight assistance, please let me know.

We fill your tank FREE with 100LL.
FREE landing and parking during the Fly-In.
FREE drinks during the Fly-In. (non-alcoholic)
Weather, Flight Plan and customs, 24hr assistance.

On Saturday evening, a FREE BBQ for Ercoupe pilots and crew, during the distribution of the trophy for the longest flight and oldest Ercoupe. Each pilot and crew will receive a commemorating medal of the 3rd Fly-In.

The Hotel accommodation is at social price, and we will make the booking for you.

Because Antwerp–EBAW is an International airport, you need a transponder; a Mode C is acceptable, Mode S is not required.

The organization of 19th SV4 Fly-In is so kind we may join them for the 3rd time, you will have the opportunity to see a lot of SV’s and historical planes in the museum, we expect an Spitfire and a lot of Ercoupes (I hope).

Meet you in Antwerp; do not miss this European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In.

Robert Rombouts  GSM: +32 475 470 775

3ème European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In, Anvers le 23 & 24 Mai 2009

Cette année nous avons déjà notre troisième Fly-In à Anvers.  Je suis entièrement à votre disposition pour vous aider à accomplir le vol.

 Gratuitement nous vous offrons un plein d’essence 100LL.
Pas de taxe d’atterrissage et de parking.
Les boissons sont gratuites pendant le Fly-In. (Non alcoolique)
La météo, plan de vol et douane, disponible 24hr.

Le samedi soir, il y aura un BBQ gratuit pour tous les Ercoupiens et le copilote. La distribution de prix pour le vol le plus long et le doyen des Ercoupes sera remis pendant le BBQ. Chaque participant recevra une médaille commémorative du 3ème Fly-In.

L’hôtel est à un prix démocratique et nous ferons la réservation.

Anvers-EBAW est un aéroport international, et il est nécessaire d’avoir un Transpondeur Mode C, le Mode S n’est pas nécessaire.

L’organisation du 19ème SV4 Fly-In nous autorise, les Ercoupiens, de ce joindre à eux pour la 3ème fois. Vous aurez la chance d’admirer beaucoup d’SV et d’avions historique dans le musé, également un Spitfire est attendu et beaucoup d’Ercoupes (j’espère).

Ainsi tous à Anvers, ne manqué pas cet European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In.

Robert Rombouts  GSM: +32 475 470 775

Drittes European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In, Antwerpen 23 & 24 Mai 2009

Dieses Jahr haben wir unser drittes Fly-In in Antwerpen.  Wenn Sie Hilfe benötigen, stehe ich gerne zu ihrer Verfügung.

Gratis tanken mit 100LL, (nur einmalig)
Keine Lande.- und Parkgebühren.
Gratis Getränke während des Fly-In. (alkoholfrei)
Flugplan, Wetter und Zoll, 24std verfügbar.

Gratis BBQ am Samstag Abend für alle Ercoupe Besitzer und Copiloten. Der längste Flug und das älteste Ercoupe bekommt eine Trophäe während das BBQ. Jeder bekommt eine Gedenkmünze vom dritten Fly-In.

Hotelunterkunft können wir für Sie zu günstigene Preisen reservieren.

Antwerpen-EBAW ist ein Internationaler Flughafen, sie müssen unbedingt einen Transponder Mode C haben, Mode S ist nicht nötig.

Wir sind froh dass die Ercoupes zusammen mit dem neunzehnten SV4 Fly-In nun zum dritten mal mitmachen können. Sie können viel historische Flugzeuge im Museum bewundern. Wir erwarten eine Spitfire und viele Ercoupes (hoffentlich).

Sie sind herzlich Wilkommen in Antwerpen, dem europäischen Ercoupe Bezitzer Fly-In.

Robert Rombouts  GSM: +32 475 470 775

Fly-ins en France

Jean Flaceliere writes: The main summer old planes meetings in France are:

Meeting de Cerny La Ferté Alais on Jean Salis plant:  30 & 31st May 2009

Call for info to +33 1 64 57 08 94. Car only

Anjou Ailes Rétro 2009: 29 & 30th May 2009 at Angers Marcé Airport

All old planes are expected, 2 coupes probably, or more as you like! for more details.  I recommended the Anjou met, because you can go with your plane, and bedrooms can be rented near the airfield

Angers Marcé Airport LFJR will be opened the Saturday 29th August 2009 to Sunday 30, for the"2009 Anjou Ailes Retro".

Fly safe !  Jean Flaceliere


These monthly Ercoupe Meet-Ups are designed as an excuse to fly! There is a separate email list consisting of UK owners and known Ercoupe enthusiasts who are updated 1 week and 1 day ahead so you know who will be there (weather providing). If anyone else would like to be included on the EMU email list then please let me know.

The 9th Bourn Bacon Butty Fly-In 25th April, Bourn EGSN
This is Mike’s home base.  Each year in the summer Bourn hosts a flying day for the Burned Children’s Club who have an annual summer camp nearby.  This helps the kids, who have suffered more than anyone could believe, some opportunities to help rebuild their self-esteem and sense of achievement.  This fly-in is to help raise funds for the flying day later in the year.

Jim Dalton, a member of RFC Bourn writes: “Oh great Gods of the Sky Beasts, I hereby call upon all of you who are Starving Salivating and Soaring with empty Stomachs.  I say to you, don your best Singlets and Slip the Surly bonds of the Sun split clouds to Shimmy your way through controlled airspace for a bit of a Skylark with your Sociable and Snazzy Fellow Space Travellers.

To be a Staring at the Stomach filling delight that is: The great.........the wonderful...the one and only.......... delicious............ dangerous and devilishly delightful:  Bourn Bacon Butty. This consists of Crispy Bacon, Large Painfully produced Eggs, Aromatic Onions, Red Ripe Tommy Arters encased a crusty sliced and celebrated NATO approved French Stick covered with a generous coating of Grated Cheese.

Usual terms apply:  Please donate what you think the food is worth (we are not selling it), if you don't like it don't donate.

The most kindest of regards, Jim”

Please note Bourn is not able to supply fuel to visitors.  The team has negotiated a £5 landing fee instead of £10.

May - tbd, maybe Panshanger

June 20-21, Air Britain 2009, North Weald
A regular meet-up for Ercoupes as well as everything else. This year the celebration is "Wings across the channel" commemorating the centenary of Bleriot's crossing. Hopefully we shall see some Ercoupes crossing from France, Belgium and Germany also? Details at

July - tbd

August - tbd

4-6 September, Sywell LAA (PFA)Annual Rally
The LAA is reintroducing the annual rally this year on , so it would be good to have Ercoupe/Aircoupe representtation there. Unfortunately this now clashes with the rescheduled 3rd European Ercoupe Fly-In (see below).

20 September, Solent Aviation Society Luscombe, Pietenpol, Autogyro and ERCO/FORNEY Fly-In, Popham
Yes, after we got 4 'Coupes to Popham last year, the Solent Aviation Society has put us on the programme. So we have to go!!!

Suggested locations for this year (but please send me your suggestions too, particularly if we can piggy-back on other fly-ins):

Halfpenny Green (close enough for Jim McMeekan to join us from Newtownwards)

Other fly-ins of interest

May 9-10 Great Vintage Flying Weekend Kemble. (UK)

May 16 Texel Taildraggers & Old Timer Fly-In. (Nederland)

May 23-24 Antwerp EBAW Fly-In SV4 + 3th Ercoupe – Aircoupe. (Belgium)

June 20-21 North Weald - Air Britain CLASSIQUE Fly-In. (UK)

June 21 AVIA Show & International Fly-In, Ursel. (Belgium)
Ursel EBUL an Navo airfield (3200 mtr long) near Ostend will have an AVIA Show or International Fly-In the 21 June 2009. New Air happening for all kind of planes, but will be fantastic if I see how they organize it.

July 16-19 Tannheim - Tannkosh EDMT – (Germany)

August 15-16  Schaffen-Diest Old Timer Fly-In. (Belgium)
Yearly old timers Fly-In, very interesting but small grass airfield.

September 4-5-6 Hahnweide Oldtimer Airshow und Meeting. (Germany)

Important meetings

April 21-26  SUN ‘n FUN – Lakeland, Florida, USA

July 27-31 EAA Airventure, Oshkosh, USA

Classified ads

For sale

I have a panel mount and cable for a Skymap II or III GPS. Email me if you are interested. Mike Willis


Ercoupe project wanted
Hilde van Haarlem writes: My father is very interested in finding a "project"; an Ercoupe which needs some restoration. Do you know any project available? Thank you in advance for your response. With kind regards, Hilde van Haarlem Netherlands


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