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European Ercoupe Newsletter

No. 16 May 2009


Dear readers,

Apologies for the late newsletter, but I am at the busiest time of the year for my business, plus we have some major building work going on at home, so time is at a premium. In fact I'm not getting any flying in either! Hopefully things will return to normal next month.

In the mean time, don't forget the Euopean Ercoupe Fly-In at Antwerp this coming weekend, May 23-24.

Thank you everyone who has contributed to this newsletter.  Please continue to send in letters, articles, photos, anything that might be of interest to others no matter how small.

Happy flying,

Mike Willis G-HARY

European Ercoupe Fly-In, Antwerp, May 23-24

Robert Rombouts writes: Dear all, Nowjust a few days before the 3rd European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In. We will be happy to see you all, already I have the following Ercoupers who confirmed their participation:
- SE-BFX - Sven-Eric Pira - Sweden
- G-ARHB - Sid Turner and Keith Peacock - Earls Colne - UK (if Annual is passed on time)
- F-AZDG - Jean Flacelière and Jérôme Villand - Nangis - France (with or without plane)
- OO-PUS - Robert Rombouts - Ostend

But we need lots more to beat the UK record of 5 Ercoupes!!! So please try and come.
If you need more assistance, please let me know, I send you a map of EBAW (Antwerp).
The frequencies: Brussel Information 126.90 (when you enter Belgium) then EBAW are : Tower 132.20 - Ground 121.90
Runway EBAW : 11 or 29 /Asphalt 1540 x 45 mtr, you cannot miss it.
Have a nice and save flight, will be happy to see you all.
Best regards, Robert Rombouts
Ercoupe 415D - Sernr.4577- 1947-OO-PUS -
mob: +32 475 470 775

Ercoupe news

New owner for EI-CVL

Vincent Vaughan writes: Hello Mike, A little something for the next news letter......

1947 ercoupe, EI CVL, stored from 1973 until 2000, restored to very good condition in 2000, now operates on an Irish permit to fly. It has been based at Moyne airfield, Thurles Co Tipperary since 2000. It has just found an new owner and is likely to be based at Trevett airfield in Co Meath.

I have recently had the oportunity to fly it for a few hours, just playing with it, and I have to say it made me smile from ear to ear.........purely because of its ease of operation, it is just so easy to fly you just have to smile....

It has been known locally as Noddy......... I hope one of the pictures is usable for the newsletter. The new owner is Michael McClure.

Regards, Vincent Vaughan, CFI Irish Aero Sports Flying Club

Another new reader...

Micheal Ritter writes: Mike, Please send me your Newsletter. I enjoyed perusing them online! I was happy to "stumble" across the link to the European Ercoupe Newsletter. I have owned N2701H for the past 5 years (a 1946 415C), and enjoy anything Ercoupe!

I am a retired Dentist living in the Reading, Pennsylvania area of the U.S. and have been flying since 1963. I purchased the Coupe in 2004 to begin flying as a Sport Pilot using my driver's license as a "medical". I have owned and flown many high performance aircraft, but I can honestly say that none have been more fun to fly than my Ercoupe! Greetings to our "brothers" in Great Britain...keep 'em flying!!

Thank you, Michael C. Ritter

100 ans de l'aviation francaise

A la demande de Robert, je vous informe du meeting de commémoration des 100 ans de l'aviation francaise, qui est prévue pour les 27 - 28 juin 2009 sur la base militaire armée de l'air de Reims - Champagne LFSR.

Voir le site :

L"aérodrome civil de la CTR est Reims Prunay LFQA.

Au plaisir d'en parler à Anvers lors de notre fy-in 2009 !

Jean Fla.

Ercoupe for sale

It is too early to disclose details, but one of the UK fleet of Ercoupes will be available for purchase shortly. Hopefully by the next issue full details will be available, but if you are looking to own one of these magnificent birds then this could be your opportunity. Watch this space! (It is not G-HARY!).

Upcoming events

3rd European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In, Antwerp 23 & 24 May 2009

This year, it is already for the 3rd time we have the Fly-In in Antwerp.  If you need any flight assistance, please let me know.

We fill your tank FREE with 100LL.
FREE landing and parking during the Fly-In.
FREE drinks during the Fly-In. (non-alcoholic)
Weather, Flight Plan and customs, 24hr assistance.

On Saturday evening, a FREE BBQ for Ercoupe pilots and crew, during the distribution of the trophy for the longest flight and oldest Ercoupe. Each pilot and crew will receive a commemorating medal of the 3rd Fly-In.

The Hotel accommodation is at social price, and we will make the booking for you.

Because Antwerp–EBAW is an International airport, you need a transponder; a Mode C is acceptable, Mode S is not required.

The organization of 19th SV4 Fly-In is so kind we may join them for the 3rd time, you will have the opportunity to see a lot of SV’s and historical planes in the museum, we expect an Spitfire and a lot of Ercoupes (I hope).

Meet you in Antwerp; do not miss this European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In.

Robert Rombouts  GSM: +32 475 470 775

3ème European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In, Anvers le 23 & 24 Mai 2009

Cette année nous avons déjà notre troisième Fly-In à Anvers.  Je suis entièrement à votre disposition pour vous aider à accomplir le vol.

 Gratuitement nous vous offrons un plein d’essence 100LL.
Pas de taxe d’atterrissage et de parking.
Les boissons sont gratuites pendant le Fly-In. (Non alcoolique)
La météo, plan de vol et douane, disponible 24hr.

Le samedi soir, il y aura un BBQ gratuit pour tous les Ercoupiens et le copilote. La distribution de prix pour le vol le plus long et le doyen des Ercoupes sera remis pendant le BBQ. Chaque participant recevra une médaille commémorative du 3ème Fly-In.

L’hôtel est à un prix démocratique et nous ferons la réservation.

Anvers-EBAW est un aéroport international, et il est nécessaire d’avoir un Transpondeur Mode C, le Mode S n’est pas nécessaire.

L’organisation du 19ème SV4 Fly-In nous autorise, les Ercoupiens, de ce joindre à eux pour la 3ème fois. Vous aurez la chance d’admirer beaucoup d’SV et d’avions historique dans le musé, également un Spitfire est attendu et beaucoup d’Ercoupes (j’espère).

Ainsi tous à Anvers, ne manqué pas cet European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In.

Robert Rombouts  GSM: +32 475 470 775

Drittes European Ercoupe Owners Fly-In, Antwerpen 23 & 24 Mai 2009

Dieses Jahr haben wir unser drittes Fly-In in Antwerpen.  Wenn Sie Hilfe benötigen, stehe ich gerne zu ihrer Verfügung.

Gratis tanken mit 100LL, (nur einmalig)
Keine Lande.- und Parkgebühren.
Gratis Getränke während des Fly-In. (alkoholfrei)
Flugplan, Wetter und Zoll, 24std verfügbar.

Gratis BBQ am Samstag Abend für alle Ercoupe Besitzer und Copiloten. Der längste Flug und das älteste Ercoupe bekommt eine Trophäe während das BBQ. Jeder bekommt eine Gedenkmünze vom dritten Fly-In.

Hotelunterkunft können wir für Sie zu günstigene Preisen reservieren.

Antwerpen-EBAW ist ein Internationaler Flughafen, sie müssen unbedingt einen Transponder Mode C haben, Mode S ist nicht nötig.

Wir sind froh dass die Ercoupes zusammen mit dem neunzehnten SV4 Fly-In nun zum dritten mal mitmachen können. Sie können viel historische Flugzeuge im Museum bewundern. Wir erwarten eine Spitfire und viele Ercoupes (hoffentlich).

Sie sind herzlich Wilkommen in Antwerpen, dem europäischen Ercoupe Bezitzer Fly-In.

Robert Rombouts  GSM: +32 475 470 775

Fly-ins en France

Jean Flaceliere writes: The main summer old planes meetings in France are:

Meeting de Cerny La Ferté Alais on Jean Salis plant:  30 & 31st May 2009

Call for info to +33 1 64 57 08 94. Car only

Anjou Ailes Rétro 2009: 29 & 30th May 2009 at Angers Marcé Airport

All old planes are expected, 2 coupes probably, or more as you like! for more details.  I recommended the Anjou met, because you can go with your plane, and bedrooms can be rented near the airfield

Angers Marcé Airport LFJR will be opened the Saturday 29th August 2009 to Sunday 30, for the"2009 Anjou Ailes Retro".

Fly safe !  Jean Flaceliere


These monthly Ercoupe Meet-Ups are designed as an excuse to fly! There is a separate email list consisting of UK owners and known Ercoupe enthusiasts who are updated 1 week and 1 day ahead so you know who will be there (weather providing). If anyone else would like to be included on the EMU email list then please let me know.

June 20-21, Air Britain 2009, North Weald
A regular meet-up for Ercoupes as well as everything else. This year the celebration is "Wings across the channel" commemorating the centenary of Bleriot's crossing. Hopefully we shall see some Ercoupes crossing from France, Belgium and Germany also? Details at

July - tbd

August - tbd

4-6 September, Sywell LAA (PFA)Annual Rally
The LAA is reintroducing the annual rally this year on , so it would be good to have Ercoupe/Aircoupe representtation there. Unfortunately this now clashes with the rescheduled 3rd European Ercoupe Fly-In (see below).

20 September, Solent Aviation Society Luscombe, Pietenpol, Autogyro and ERCO/FORNEY Fly-In, Popham
Yes, after we got 4 'Coupes to Popham last year, the Solent Aviation Society has put us on the programme. So we have to go!!!

Suggested locations for this year (but please send me your suggestions too, particularly if we can piggy-back on other fly-ins):

Halfpenny Green (close enough for Jim McMeekan to join us from Newtownwards)

Other fly-ins of interest

May 23-24 Antwerp EBAW Fly-In SV4 + 3th Ercoupe – Aircoupe. (Belgium)

June 20-21 North Weald - Air Britain CLASSIQUE Fly-In. (UK)

June 21 AVIA Show & International Fly-In, Ursel. (Belgium)
Ursel EBUL an Navo airfield (3200 mtr long) near Ostend will have an AVIA Show or International Fly-In the 21 June 2009. New Air happening for all kind of planes, but will be fantastic if I see how they organize it.

July 16-19 Tannheim - Tannkosh EDMT – (Germany)

August 15-16  Schaffen-Diest Old Timer Fly-In. (Belgium)
Yearly old timers Fly-In, very interesting but small grass airfield.

September 4-5-6 Hahnweide Oldtimer Airshow und Meeting. (Germany)

Important meetings

July 27-31 EAA Airventure, Oshkosh, USA

Classified ads

For sale

I have a panel mount and cable for a Skymap II or III GPS. Email me if you are interested. Mike Willis


Ercoupe project wanted
Hilde van Haarlem writes: My father is very interested in finding a "project"; an Ercoupe which needs some restoration. Do you know any project available? Thank you in advance for your response. With kind regards, Hilde van Haarlem Netherlands


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