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European Ercoupe Newsletter

No. 4 May 2008


With the first big European Ercoupe fly-in now past - see Robert's write-up below - we are now gearing up for the second, the Air Britain Fly-In at North Weald (EGSX) 21-22 June. Hopefully more 'Coupes will be airworthy by then!

Don't forget - please keep sending me news, articles, fly-in reports, interesting trips or web links that may be of interest to fellow 'Coupers. And if you prefer, please send in French or German, and we will translate into English for you! Many of you have made kind remarks about the usefulness and interest of this newsletter, but please help by making a contribution, no matter how small!

Mike Willis G-HARY

Ercoupe News

G-AVIL for sale

G-AVILDavid Hulks is has put his Alon A2 G-AVIL up for sale , which is painted in RAF colours. He writes; "I've been offered a share in a Robin DR400, same hangar where I keep G-AVIL, so sadly the coupe has to go to fund my share etc." The ad in Go Flying reads:

Alon Aircoupe. Based in Kent. New 3 year C of A. Unique paint scheme featured in Feb. 05 Pilot magazine. GBP 19,000. Contact David tel +44 1233 637515 email


Herr Seifer writes: "I am very happy, that the Ercoupe owners from Europe find a common interest.

D-ELWSIt is a pity that I can no longer participate. At 82 years old and a lot of nice flying I sold my Ercoupe F1A D-ELWS with a broken heart. The new owner has received your letter. I am convinced that he had a great interest.

Again thanks for your newsletter. Wish you a lot of success with the good idea "European Ercoupe Newsletter"

All time good landing !

K.H.Seifer, (Ex-owner), Aircoupe Forney F1 A, Manufacturing date 1964, D-ELWS


G-AROOJim McMeekan of Newtownards, near Belfast Northern Ireland and owner of Forney G-AROO writes: "Attached is a pic of my coupe which I've owned since 1976 and learnt to fly in in the late 1960's. I'm thinking of getting her painted - this will be the 2nd time!

I also thought you might like to see this model 'coupe someone got me."model

Presumably that means Jim will need to get a quote for both the original and model to be repainted if he changes the paint scheme!




Fly-in reports

2nd Annual European Ercoupe Fly-In, 3-4 May, Antwerp

Robert Rombouts writes: All the Ercoupers would like to thank the ASC president Mr.Danny Cabooter, the president of the Aviation Society of Antwerp Mr. Dirk Buytaert, and all of the A.S.A. members who as volunteers did a wonderful job to ensure a real success of this 18th SV4 and 2nd Ercoupe Fly In.

During an unbelievable blue sky we held our 2nd European Ercoupe Owners meeting. We expected a lot of Coupes; this was a good reason to take our planes out of the dusty hangars after a long period of bad weather and meet other Coupers with the same passion.

This year trophies were awarded to the longest flight and for the oldest Ercoupe. Each pilot and co-pilot received a commemorative medal and a neck hanger with the inscription “ERCOUPE LOVER”. In addition all ‘Coupes received one full tank of fuel, and pilots and crew a free BBQ and drinks. In my opinion it was a fair offer for EEO’s who like to fly with their lovely plane.

3 coupesWith open arms I welcomed at 11:20 hr our Ercoupe Lindbergh, Sven-Eric Pira with his SE-BFX who flew solo from the middle of Sweden to Antwerp in about 9 hours. He came also to the 1st Fly In last year. It was fascinating to see his beautiful plane polished as a mirror and shining under a tropical sun as it rolled onto the apron.

Then it was an all day waiting and no other Ercoupes, so we went back to the hotel to refresh ourselves before the BBQ. When we returned to the airport we had a BIG surprise - a third Ercoupe was standing on the apron, N3330H had arrived from Schönhagen (Berlin) at 18:00 hr, with Harmut & Rainer Beil doing the trip in 5 hours with a stop in Bielefeld. This ‘Coupe is also finished with a wonderful nice polish too, and is of course in perfect technical condition, you cannot expect something else from Hartmut.

We had also the visit of our friendly European Ercoupe pope Tony Smith and his wife Anne to comment on all the incoming planes with the characteristics, type and dates. He is a real Ercoupe Lover.

During the BBQ with a nice wine, we had the trophy distribution. The longest flight was not so difficult to decide; Sven-Eric Pira was undoubted the star of the all Fly In. For the oldest Coupe, Hartmut Beil’s N3330H with serial number 3955 was the oldest of our three planes.

The groupIn the hotel, we had at last good cold beer to let us sleep well and dream about all the discussions and airplanes we had enjoyed during the day. We received lots of good advice about the technical side of our lovely Ercoupes from Hartmut. Sven-Eric brought a lot of old files and brochures from the Erco Company, dated 1946-1947, a real historical treasure.

On the following day, Sunday, with a blue sky and a gentle west wind, Hartmut and Rainer departed around 13:00 hr and Sven-Eric one hour later. Both arrived home safely and enjoyed their flights, Hartmut in about 4:30 hr and Sven-Eric the same day, a little in the dark already in Sweden he told me.

I’m hoping, dear friends that you enjoyed this Fly In as I did; we had this year high quality and a low quantity but we don’t give up; next year we will have the 3rd Meeting. Next year the Fly In will be in September 2009 instead of May, to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the Belgian Aviation.

I was so sorry for Keith Peacock and Sid Turner that their G-ARHB was not ready and still waiting for parts; David Hulks had a similar problem with his G-AVIL. Thank you for informing me in time.

We have to realise that we are flying with an modern looking historical plane, and have always to take in account about technical problems and difficult to find spare parts.

You can find photos of the 2nd EEO Fly In on my website and .

See you next year Sven-Eric, Hartmut, Rainer, Tony and Anne, or why not at the next meeting in the UK at North Weald June 21-22. Thanks for coming to Antwerp.

Robert Rombouts OO-PUS

Trip reports

Visit to Univair

Mike Willis writes: Unfortunately I recently found that one of the seat rails under the pilots seat in my Alon had cracked and broken in half. It might have been broken for some time, as I only found the problem when I moved the seat back to get under the instrument panel to investigate another problem. When the seat came away in my hands I knew it wasn't right!

Univair buildingForneys onwards have bucket seats on pins, but these can be adapted to mount on rails to make them easily adjustable. So I found the replacement was listed as a service kit by Univair. As I was travelling to Denver Colorado mid April I thought I'd check where Aurora Colorado, home of Univair was. It turned out to be 8 miles from where I was staying! So I ordered the part and asked if I could pick them up personally. "No problem" was the reply. In fact when I turned up a their building Mike Rosedale immediately asked if I'd like a factory tour. "You bet".

Ercoupe partsSo Mike showed me around the factory where they make not just Ercoupe parts, but many other vintage types. They have lots of the original parts and tools, heavy duty presses, laser sheet cutting equipment and so on. I saw shelves of Ercoupe parts, many made from the peak production days of the mid-1940's and stored ever since.

I have to say I recognised very little, as I'm used to looking just at the outside of our lovely aircraft, not the insides. But the smell and feel of the place was fantastic, the nearest you can now get to the birthplace of Ercoupes.

I had no problem fitting the service kit in my suitcase as it was exactly as described - a "kit" eg a blueprint and a pile of parts that I now have to get rivoted together!

So if anyone is travelling to Denver be sure to visit Univair - you will be made welcome. They are not far from Denver International airport.

Fun stuff

Have you ever wanted to fly over someones house but don't know how to programme it into your GPS? What about a way point that is a town centre? You can convert UK post codes, OS grid references and Latitude and Longitudes to any of the others. Just follow this link:

Recommended destinations

Send in your top 5 for future newsletters!

Upcoming events


AeroExpo 2008, Wycombe Air Park, June 13-15, 2008, 

Air Britain Classic Fly-in, North Weald, June 21-22,
This will include, like last year, dedicated parking for Ercoupes. Hopefully as many as possible will arrange to attend! This year 60 years of Air-Britain and all aircraft bulit in 1948 are celebrated, as well as 60 years of the Piper Vagabond/Clipper and 75 years of the SV4 Stampe.

There are no landing fees, and the airfield is open from 9:00 to 19:00.

Arrivals are strictly PPR on +44 1992 524510. For further information call +44 1376 344441 or visit


NATIONAL ERCOUPE CONVENTION, July 23–26, 2008, Wausau, WI, USA. Contact Syd Cohen 715-573-7063 or for registrations forms.

EAA AirVenture 2008, Oshkosk, Wisconsin, USA, July 28-3 August 2008,

Classified ads

For sale

David Hulk's G-AVIL - see News above

I have a panel mount and cable for a Skymap II or III GPS. Email me if you are interested. Mike Willis


Cri-Cri plans for Hartmut
Hello everyone. I am having an unusual question . In exchange for a nice addition to my Ercoupe, I need to come up with some plans for building the Cri-Cri airplane. I know there is the original creator of that plane, but I heard the plans will be pricey... Does anyone of you or your friends want to part with such plans? Thanks, Hartmut Beil

Ercoupe for Stephan Vatter
I am a German pilot looking for an Ercoupe with rudder pedals, 90hp or 100hp in a good technical condition. There are only a few in Germany. Unfortunately I am on a business trip during your Ercoupe Flyin so I am not able to show up.   If you know someone, who intends to sell his plane this year/next winter please ask them to contact me at Thank you so far, and I wish you good weather and a lot of fun during the Ercoupe flyinn in May.   Best regards Stephan


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