Mike's 50th Birthday trip to Headcorn

May 7th 2004

Since starting to learn to fly back in the Autumn of 2002 a long-held wish was to get my PPL by my 50th birthday and fly down to Headcorn airfield, Kent. Unfortunately due to supposed ill health it wasn't to be, but I decided to make the trip anyway. Brian Clark kindly volunteered to accompany me as FI and persuaded me that we should take the club's Cessna 182. This allowed ace photographer Damien Burke to sit in the back seat and take the wonderful photos.

The weather was not brilliant - OK to fly VFR but cloud cover kept the sun from shining and it was a bit hazy. Routing from Bourn to Headcorn (Lashenden) was south between Luton and Stansted CTRs to Brookmans Park VOR, across to the M25/M11 junction and the Lambourn VOR, then south-east across the Thames and Medway towns to the Detling VOR, then south to Headcorn. Headcorn to Bourn was via Detling VOR, north over the Thames estuary to Southend Airport, onwards north to Earl's Colne airfield to the east of the Stansted CTR, then across the top to Haverhill and then home.

Follow the links to three pages of photos documenting the trip. On each page click on an image for a high resolution version.

Bourn to Headcorn At Headcorn Headcorn to Bourn

Mike Willis, May 2004