Rochester - Niagara Falls June 24th, 2007

I found myself in Rochester, New York, USA one fine Sunday. So I rented a Cessna 172, and booked an instructor to keep me legal. Then I had to decide where to fly to. That didn't take long - Niagara Falls is roughly 100 miles away. So we took off from KROC Rochester International, flew north west to Lake Ontario, then west along the shore to the Canadian border, then south to the falls. After landing at KIAG Niagara Falls and a brief rest we flew back in a straight line to Rochester. There we were held up by a landing Jet Blue Airbus 319 and I was warned on final by the tower of wake turbulance as we crossed the runway it had used (but there wasn't any).

A lovely afternoon, total time 2 hours 10 minutes, at a cost of $305 including the wet rental, fuel surcharge, instructor and chart - just over £150! Many thanks to the Rochester Air Center and George the instructor (but mainly acting as guide and radio operator for this trip).

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