Sywell April 28, 2007

This was my first fly-in in G-HARY, to Sywell, Northamptonshire. This is a lovely large open field with several runways, some parallel. Parallel runways can be very useful - mess up the turn on to finals and you have a choice!

On the way we saw what seemed to be an aircraft heading straight for us towing a banner. But as it got closer we saw it was a formation flying line astern.

Sywell has a large public art deco building, which was unfortunately shut. But there is also a modern pilot's facility with a balcony, from which the panarama was taken. To get to and from 'airside' meant keying in numbers into the locks on the gates, a different number going in to going out. This is real security bollocks as anyone can climb over the fence which is about 3 feet high. But I suppose it keeps out children.

Ever seen a microlight twin?

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