Since a very early age I had wanted to learn to fly. Like many boys brought up in the '50's and 60's, birthdays or Xmas would result in gifts of model aircraft or books.

When I was 10 I was making flying models from balsa wood kits or from scratch, and by 13 had joined the ATC. Here I got my first flying experience in a Chipmunk out of Manston, Kent.

Flying was forgotten as I went to college, worked through a series of jobs furthering my career, got married and raised children.

And then one day on a flight to Florida I sat next to a retired lawyer who had previously been a pilot in the RAF. He had flown Canberras out of Manston when I was taking my first flight in a chippie. He suggested that if I was ever going to learn to fly now was the time.

And so in September 2002 I climbed on board a Cessna 152 for my first lesson. I was warned that the older you are the longer it takes and it proved to be so. In fact I got grounded for medical reasons for over a year, but on July 15th 2005 I finally passed my skills test and got my licence.

For a year I rented the club planes, but I needed a bit more freedom to fly off when I pleased, or rather when the weather was kind and I wasn't busy at work. So I searched for something of my own and finally bought G-HARY in September 2006.

This site will describe my adventures in my Ercoupe. I don't consider myself the owner of it, just someone to keep it airworthy for a few years before someone else takes it over.

So, special thanks to my father and my godfather Bill for the kit planes and books as a child, the mystery retired lawyer for waking me up, and to Trevor, Brian and Lindsay at RFC Bourn for teaching me how to fly and keeping me going during the dark days of circuits!

Mike Willis

Alon A2